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34.95 GBP
Opinel 4-Piece Kitchen SetWith the Opinel 4-piece Kitchen Knife Set, you'll never have to be without the right cutting utensil in the kitchen
15.95 GBP
Opinel Brown Cotton/Canvas Sheath No 8 / 001544Outdoor Brown Canvas and Synthetic Leather Pouch - fits No.8 and No.10 Slim
11.95 GBP
Opinel Leather Slip 001543Black Synthetic Leather Pouch - fits No.6/7 and No.8 Slim
22.95 GBP
Opinel No 10 Pruning KnifeCurved blade bevelled on both sides, for grape-picking, cutting.
7.25 GBP
Opinel No 4 VRNOpinel No 4 VRN
8.95 GBP
Opinel No 6 VRNOpinel No 6 VRN
9.50 GBP
Opinel No 7 VRNOpinel No 7 VRN
12.95 GBP
Opinel No 7 VRN Colour RangeThis is the Opinel Tradition essential pocket knife in a highly-colourful range
9.95 GBP
Opinel No 8 VRNOpinel No 8 VRN
10.95 GBP
Opinel No 9 VRNOpinel No 9 VRN
20.95 GBP
Opinel Slimline No.100SLOpinel Slimline No.100SL
22.95 GBP
Opinel Slimline No.120SLOpinel Slimline No.120SL
25.95 GBP
Opinel Slimline No.150SLOpinel Slimline No.150SL
18.95 GBP
Opinel Slimline No.80SLOpinel Slimline No.80SL