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Multi Fuel

130.00 GBP
MSR DragonFly StovePrecision flame control with large-pot stability
115.00 GBP
MSR Whisperlite InternationalLegendary, multi-fuel backpacking stove
130.00 GBP
MSR Whisperlite UniversalThe ultimate, hybrid-fuel backpacking stove
145.00 GBP
MSR XGK EXThe ultimate, multi-fuel expedition stove
275.00 GBP
Optimus Hiker + StoveThe Optimus Hiker+ is a classic!  For 70 years this stove has been getting the job done
190.00 GBP
Optimus Polaris StoveONE JET ANY FUEL. The Optimus Polaris Optifuel is the new benchmark for maximum versatility and ease of use in outdoor cooking
160.00 GBP
Trangia Multi-Fuel Stove X2The Multi-Fuel Burner allows you to use a range of fuels, including petrol, paraffin and deisel, making your Trangia cooker even more versatile than before.