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Mora of Sweden

20.95 GBP
Mora 106 Erik Frost Knife Mora Knife Erik Frost 106
20.95 GBP
Mora 120 Erik Frost KnifeSmall carving tool designed for the finer detail.
25.95 GBP
Mora 162 Erik Frost KnifeErik Frost 162 hook knife.
25.95 GBP
Mora 163 Erik Frost KnifeHook knife for spoon carving - ideal for slightly shallower work
24.95 GBP
Mora 164 Erik Frost Knife Hook knife for spoon carving
35.00 GBP
Mora 220 Erik Frost KnifeTwo handled drawknife.
9.00 GBP
Mora Basic 511 KnifeBasic Mora knife with plastic handle .
15.00 GBP
Mora Basic Wood Carving KnifeBasic wood carving knife from Mora.
12.50 GBP
Mora Companion KnifeMora Companion Knife

25.00 GBP
Mora Karl Johan Mushroom KnifeThe blade is 55 mm long and is made of swedish cold-rolled special stainless steel. The ergonomically designed plastic handle is very pleasant to hold. The brush made from real horsehair is always easily accessible to brush away debris without damaging the mushroom. 
12.95 GBP
Mora Knife Classic No 1Mora Knife Classic No 1

Discount available when 2 or more ordered