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Military Type

119.00 GBP
Norrona Hjerkinn Pack 40LCompact, flexible backpack for mid-weight loads
399.00 GBP
Norrona Para Ranger Synkron Pack 120LMajor load carrier built with light Synkron™ system
549.00 GBP
Norrona Recon Synkroflex Pack 125LThe 'King of Backpacks' developed by Special Forces
215.00 GBP
Tasmanian Tiger 2 in 1 Pack 7717Ultra light double rucksack 45 ltr + 15 ltr
185.00 GBP
Tasmanian Tiger 3P Pack 7731Conservative backpack with the new V2 Plus Carrying System
177.00 GBP
Tasmanian Tiger Bug Out Pack 7730Extremely well ventilated backpack with modular expansion capabilities
125.00 GBP
Tasmanian Tiger Combat Pack MK IISmall, universal combat backpack with elastic side pockets.
130.00 GBP
Tasmanian Tiger Medic Assault Pack MkIIFlat Medic backpack with intelligent, clearly laid-out interior
145.00 GBP
Tasmanian Tiger Mission Pack 7710Popular 37L combat backpack
200.00 GBP
Tasmanian Tiger Raid Pack MK III 7711Classic military backpack with the new V2 plus carrying system
230.00 GBP
Tasmanian Tiger Ranger 60 Backpack 7656Mid-sized backpack with storage volume of 60 litres
73.00 GBP
Tasmanian Tiger Trooper Light Pack 22 7901Universal 22 L combat backpack
85.00 GBP
Tasmanian Tiger Trooper Light Pack 35 7902Universal 35 litre combat backpack
215.00 GBP
Tasmanian Tiger Trooper Pack 7705Universal military front-loader with three add-on pockets and V2 Plus carrying system