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8.00 GBP
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McNett AquasureUrethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant
6.99 GBP
(-20.00%) 5.59 GBP
McNett Black Witch 28mlThe new Black Witch "toluene free formula” is suitable for quick, (up to one hour) repairs, of Neoprene rips and tears - especially suitable for Neoprene butt end jointing of seams or edges, where rubber is directly bonded together. 
7.99 GBP
(-20.00%) 6.39 GBP
McNett Freesole 28gDurable, flexible, and shock-absorbing, Freesole® Urethane Formula Shoe Repair
6.99 GBP
(-20.00%) 5.59 GBP
McNett Goretex repair Kit MN30The essential field repair kit for all types of repairs
7.75 GBP
Mcnett Seam Grip 28g TubeIt permanently seals the seams on your tent, pack and rainwear. 
8.35 GBP
(-20.00%) 6.68 GBP
McNett Seam SureMake sure your tent stays dry and cozy
8.50 GBP
(-20.00%) 6.80 GBP
McNett Sil Net™ Silicone Seam SealerSeal Silnylon tent seams and stay dry
5.50 GBP
(-20.00%) 4.40 GBP
McNett Tenacious Sealing and Repair Tape MN14Use Tenacious Tape™ to patch up and repair all sorts of outdoor gear
5.99 GBP
(-20.00%) 4.79 GBP
McNett Tenacious Tape Patch KitConvenient pre-cut adhesive-backed repair patches - 4 per pack, three clear and one black per pack.  8cm diameter.
8.99 GBP
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McNett Tent SureConcentrated, high performance, water based urethane tent floor sealant. 
7.99 GBP
(-20.00%) 6.39 GBP
McNett Universal Field Repair Kit PatchesWith this ultralight kit you can repair sleeping pads, fix inflatable mattresses, and patch up just about anything else. 
5.99 GBP
(-20.00%) 4.79 GBP
Mcnett Zip CareZip Care is the ultimate zipper care for plastic, nylon or metal zippers