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Insulated Water Bottles, Flasks & Mugs

42.50 GBP
GSI Glacier Stainless 1L Vacuum BottleLightweight, packable vacuum bottle
10.99 GBP
Lifeventure Thermal Mug Jacket Designed to protect your thermal mug, this jacket will also improve the thermal properties of your mug by adding another layer of insulation. 
13.99 GBP
Lifeventure Thermal Mugs Lifeventure Thermal Mugs
14.99 GBP
Lifeventure TiV Vacuum FlaskThese sleek thermally induced vacuum flasks keep drinks hot for eight hours or cool for 24. 
18.99 GBP
Lifeventure TIV Widemouth Vacuum FlasksA solid thermally induced vacuum flask which can also be used for food.
22.00 GBP
Primus Commuter Mug The Vacuum Commuter Mug is a vacuum insulated mug made of durable stainless steel. 
36.99 GBP
Stanley Classic 1.3 Ltr Vacuum FlaskVacuum insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for 24 hours.
44.99 GBP
Stanley Classic Flask 1.9 LtrVacuum insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for 32 hours, or iced for 160 hours.
32.99 GBP
Stanley Classic Flask 1LtrVacuum insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for 24 hours.
29.99 GBP
Stanley Classic Food Jar 709mlVacuum insulation keeps food hot or cold for 15 hours.