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Insect Repellents

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Lifesystems Bite & Sting Relief SprayLifesystems Bite & Sting Relief is an effective solution for those who are unfortunate enough to suffer an insect sting or bite when travelling.
5.99 GBP
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Lifesystems Bite Relief ClickLifesystems Bite Relief Click
9.99 GBP
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Lifesystems Endurance Spray 100ml Expedition Endurance is a 100ml spray which contains a specially formulated time-release agent enabling DEET to evaporate at a slower, constant rate. 
8.50 GBP
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Lifesystems EX4 Anti Mosquito For Fabrics 350mlEX4 Anti-Mosquito clothing treatment provides long-lasting and durable protection for use on textiles, e.g. on clothing, tents, sun shelters or rucksacks. 
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Lifesystems Expedition 100+ SprayExpedition 100+ contains a dual action formula which combines natural pyrethroids with DEET to provide the maximum level of protection against biting insects in all environments.
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Lifesystems Expedition 50+ MinisprayA dual-action formula which combines the effective repellent action of DEET to ward off insects, PLUS a bite inhibitor formulated using natural pyrethroids to stop insects which do land on your skin from biting. 
7.25 GBP
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Lifesystems Expedition Plus 50 Pump Spray 100mlLifesystems Expedition Plus 50 Pump Spray 100ml
5.75 GBP
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Lifesystems Expedition Plus 50 Pump Spray 50mlLifesystems Expedition Plus 50 Pump Spray 50ml
7.99 GBP
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Lifesystems Expedition Sensitive DEET Free Insect Repellent SprayOur Insect Repellent - Expedition Sensitive Spray contains the active ingredient Saltidin which is proven to repel mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, sand flies, gnats and ticks.
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Lifesystems Midge and Mosquito 50Lifesystems Midge and Mosquito 50
7.25 GBP
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Lifesystems Natural Plus 30 - 100ml SprayLifesystems Natural Plus 30 - 100ml Spray
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Lifesystems Tick Remover CardThe Lifesystems tick remover is credit-card sized to fit in your wallet, and is designed to efficiently remove ticks without leaving the head buried under the skin - especially important in areas with the risk of Lyme disease.