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Head Torch

14.99 GBP
Lifesystems Micro head TorchThe Intensity 24 Head Torch has an 24 lumen, LED light.
10.00 GBP
Petzl Battery Pack for Tikka R+/RXP The battery pack, which holds 3 LR3/AAA batteries, provides a back-up solution in case the rechargeable battery is accidentally completely discharged. It allows the headlamp to be used in remote areas where the battery can not be recharged.
35.00 GBP
(-40.00%) 21.00 GBP
Petzl Tikka E93Headlamp for proximity lighting and some movement - 100 lumens.
20.00 GBP
(-40.00%) 12.00 GBP
Petzl Tikkina E91Simple, compact headlamp for proximity lighting - 80 lumens.
94.95 GBP
Princeton Tec ApexApex has been a favorite of extreme outdoorsmen and cavers for years
24.95 GBP
Princeton Tec ByteSmaller and lighter than the Sync and Remix but Byte is still capable of packing a powerful punch
29.95 GBP
Princeton Tec FuelFuel is designed to meet the widest range of applications while remaining small, lightweight & robust
44.95 GBP
Princeton Tec RemixWhether it's for long distance spotting, or close range area light, the Remix is up to the task
49.95 GBP
Princeton Tec VizzThe upgraded 205 lumen Vizz is a feature-loaded headlamp with three distinct beam profiles
17.00 GBP
Vango Corvus 85 Head TorchThe 3W light with 2 white and 2 red LEDs of the Corvus 85 produce up to 85 lumens of light from 3 AAA batteries (not included)