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ENZO Knives

79.95 GBP
Enzo 2150 Trapper Knife KitAn easy to assemble EnZo Knife Making Kit, to make an EnZo Trapper 95 O1 (model 2054) knife with a Scandinavian zero grind.
94.95 GBP
Enzo Elver 85 Knife 01 Carbon (2004EE)A really handy knife designed for smooth rotation in the hand. Works excellent for small game dressing, whittling or camping tasks. 
48.50 GBP
Enzo Necker 70 Knife Micarta 9804Excellent small neck knife from Enzo, in Micarta
51.95 GBP
Enzo Necker Knife 70 Curly Birch 9800Excellent small neck knife from Enzo.
121.95 GBP
Enzo Nordic 01 Knife 2730Scandinavian hidden tang knife assembled and finished by Jakob and Simon Nylund. EnZo knives are designed to meet and exceed the special needs of the professional hunter, outdoorsman, camper and craftsman.
89.99 GBP
Enzo PK70 Folding Knife 2901The EnZo PK70 line is a series of UK legal non-locking folding knives that are unique on the market.
89.99 GBP
Enzo PK70 Folding Knife 2904Enzo PK70 Folding Knife 2904
114.95 GBP
EnZo Trapper 95 D2/ Knife/Green Canvas Micarta Handle 2016The blade is made from D2 steel, which is one of the best knife steels.
99.95 GBP
Enzo Trapper 95 Green Micarta 01 Knife 2014The blade is made from O1 Carbon Tool steel, a widely used American knife steel.
135.00 GBP
Enzo Trapper 95 N690 Flat Grind Green Micarta 2015NBlade steel: The blade is made from N690 Cobalt Steel
114.95 GBP
EnZo Trapper O1 Knife/Curly Birch Handle 2054O1 Carbon Tool Steel A widely used American knife steel.