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Down Bags

950.00 GBP
(-20.00%) 760.00 GBP
Helsport KongsfjordenRecognized 2-in-1 expedition bag with down inner and fiber outer
690.00 GBP
(-20.00%) 552.00 GBP
Helsport KvitbreenLight and compact down sleeping bag for use in cold temperatures
690.00 GBP
(-20.00%) 552.00 GBP
Helsport Kvitbreen LadyLight, compact down winter-sleeping bag with unique features for women
860.00 GBP
(-20.00%) 688.00 GBP
Helsport PolheimOur warmest down bag with high insulation level for rough conditions
330.00 GBP
(-20.00%) 264.00 GBP
Helsport Svadalen SpringLight, spacious, comfortable and user-friendly down bag, ideal for spring and summer-hikes
560.00 GBP
(-20.00%) 448.00 GBP
Helsport TempelfjordenRobust 2-in-1 expedition and winter sleeping bag with safe insulation
390.00 GBP
(-20.00%) 312.00 GBP
Helsport VestfonnaOur lightest down sleeping bag, designed for flexible 3-season use
390.00 GBP
(-20.00%) 312.00 GBP
Helsport Vestfonna LadyOur lightest 3-season down sleeping bag, with unique features for women
140.00 GBP
Robens Caucasus 300Thanks to the high quality down filling, the Caucasus 300 sleeping bag is extremely compressible.
220.00 GBP
Robens Caucasus 600Thanks to the high quality down filling, the Caucasus 600 sleeping bag is extremely compressible.
280.00 GBP
Robens Caucasus 900Thanks to the high quality down filling, the Caucasus 900 sleeping bag is extremely compressible.
490.00 GBP
Thermarest Adara HD Womens Down Winter Sleeping BagWhether you find yourself on multi-night ski tours, winter climbs and snowshoe trips, or just want the added warmth and security of a 0 F (- 18 C) -degree bag for spring and fall backpacks, the highly compressible 750+ fill down of the lightweight Adara women’s sleeping bag is for you.
540.00 GBP
Thermarest Altair Winter Down Sleeping BagSki touring and mountaineering demand a down sleeping bag that is comfortable in the coldest months of the year. 
420.00 GBP
Thermarest Antares 15 Down 3 Season Sleeping BagA three-season sleeping bag should handle it all - from late-season snowstorms to early frosts. 
420.00 GBP
Thermarest Mira HD Womens Down Sleeping BagThe Mira women’s down sleeping bag is the all-around winner for ultralight three-season backcountry adventures.
210.00 GBP
Thermarest Questar HD 20 Down Sleeping BagThree season comfort in a feature packed Hydrophobic Down bag