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Cooksets & Cutlery

7.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 5.95 GBP
Optimus Sliding Long SpoonExtendable, stable spoon that is ideal for use with food pouches.
72.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 61.20 GBP
Optimus Terra HE CooksetA versatile and efficient 3-piece cook set made from hard anodized aluminium. 
24.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 20.40 GBP
Optimus Terra KettleUltra-light 0.7 litre hard-anodized aluminium kettle with mesh bag
8.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 6.80 GBP
Optimus Terra Pot LifterPot lifter from Optimus
35.50 GBP
(-15.00%) 30.18 GBP
Optimus Terra Solo CooksetUltimate light-weight and compact 2-piece hard anodized aluminium cookset
42.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 35.70 GBP
Optimus Terra Weekend HE CooksetHighly versatile and efficient 2-piece hard anodized aluminium cook set
46.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 39.10 GBP
Optimus Terra Xpress HE Cooking PotThe new, lightweight Terra Xpress Pot with a non-stick coating won’t load you down
25.50 GBP
(-15.00%) 21.68 GBP
Optimus Titanium 3 Piece Cutlery SetLightweight CP Titanium Cutlery
15.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 12.75 GBP
Optimus Titanium Folding SporkLightweight Titanium Alloy Folding Spork (spoon/fork)
13.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 11.05 GBP
Optimus Titanium Long SpoonThe Optimus Titanium Long Spoon is the perfect piece of cutlery that goes with the convenient resealable stand-up pouches of Trek’n Eat menus for the outdoors
10.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 8.50 GBP
Optimus Titanium SporkLightweight CP Titanium Spork (spoon/fork)