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Bug Protection

4.99 GBP
Lifesystems Bite & Sting Relief SprayLifesystems Bite & Sting Relief is an effective solution for those who are unfortunate enough to suffer an insect sting or bite when travelling.
6.49 GBP
Lifesystems Bite Relief ClickLifesystems Bite Relief Click
9.99 GBP
Lifesystems Endurance Spray 100ml Expedition Endurance is a 100ml spray which contains a specially formulated time-release agent enabling DEET to evaporate at a slower, constant rate. 
9.99 GBP
Lifesystems EX4 Anti Mosquito For Fabrics 350mlEX4 Anti-Mosquito clothing treatment provides long-lasting and durable protection for use on textiles, e.g. on clothing, tents, sun shelters or rucksacks. 
7.99 GBP
Lifesystems EX8 Anti-Mosquito Net TreatmentEX8 Anti Mosquito net treatment will act as an extra layer of protection on your mosquito net
6.99 GBP
Lifesystems Expedition 100+ SprayExpedition 100+ contains a dual action formula which combines natural pyrethroids with DEET to provide the maximum level of protection against biting insects in all environments.
4.99 GBP
Lifesystems Expedition 50+ MinisprayA dual-action formula which combines the effective repellent action of DEET to ward off insects, PLUS a bite inhibitor formulated using natural pyrethroids to stop insects which do land on your skin from biting. 
7.99 GBP
Lifesystems Expedition Plus 50 Pump Spray 100mlLifesystems Expedition Plus 50 Pump Spray 100ml
6.49 GBP
Lifesystems Expedition Plus 50 Pump Spray 50mlLifesystems Expedition Plus 50 Pump Spray 50ml
7.99 GBP
Lifesystems Expedition Sensitive DEET Free Insect Repellent SprayOur Insect Repellent - Expedition Sensitive Spray contains the active ingredient Saltidin which is proven to repel mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, sand flies, gnats and ticks.
5.99 GBP
Lifesystems Midge and Mosquito 50Lifesystems Midge and Mosquito 50
3.99 GBP
Lifesystems Mosquito CoilsLifesystems Mosquito Coils
9.99 GBP
Lifesystems Natural Plus 30 - 100ml SprayLifesystems Natural Plus 30 - 100ml Spray
5.49 GBP
Lifesystems Plug-in Mosquito Killer Refill Liquid 35mlLifesystems Plug-in Mosquito Killer Refill Liquid 35ml
8.49 GBP
Lifesystems Plug-in Mosquito Killer UnitHelps reduce the danger and annoyance of mosquito bites at night
4.49 GBP
Lifesystems Plug-in Mosquito Killer Unit Refill TabletsLifesystems Plug-in Mosquito Killer Unit Refill Tablets
10.49 GBP
Lifesystems Portable Insect Killer UnitThe Portable Killer Unit is a battery powered insect killer unit
10.49 GBP
Lifesystems Portable Insect Killer Unit RefillsReplacement cartridges for the Portable Killer Unit
4.49 GBP
Lifesystems Tick Remover CardThe Lifesystems tick remover is credit-card sized to fit in your wallet, and is designed to efficiently remove ticks without leaving the head buried under the skin - especially important in areas with the risk of Lyme disease.
5.00 GBP
Otom Tick RemoverOtom Tick Remover
7.15 GBP
Smidge 75mlDonít let midges ruin your enjoyment of the great outdoors. SMIDGE UP and get out there!
8.95 GBP
Wilma Beck-Olja 25ml bottleWilmas Beck-Olja 25ml bottle
10.50 GBP
Wilma Nordic SummerWilmas Nordic Summer