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Base Layer

69.95 GBP
Swazi Brocco ShirtThe Swazi Microshirt is one of our biggest sellers - and now thanks to a customers great suggestion it has a new stable mate.
16.50 GBP
Swazi Jewel BagsExtremely comfortable in all temperatures, dry incredibly quickly and offer great support
39.00 GBP
Swazi Micro PantsIf you're after a light pair of thermal pants that are great for wearing around camp, then our Micro Pants can't be beaten
69.95 GBP
Swazi Micro ShirtThe Micro Shirt is a terrific winter top
26.00 GBP
Swazi Micro SingletA thermal that not only keeps you warm, but doesn’t over heat when worn under another top
39.00 GBP
Swazi Micro TopIf you are concerned about performance, weight and bulk, the SWAZI® Micro Top will fit the bill.