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34.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 30.60 GBP
Cold Steel Frontier Hawk TomahawkSuitable for re-enactors from any period stretching from the French and Indian War, upto the final settling of the West in the late 1800's.
34.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 30.60 GBP
Cold Steel Norse Hawk TomahawkCapturing the Viking spirit, the Norse Hawk's 4" blade features a highly curved cutting edge and terminates in two sharp points.
36.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 32.40 GBP
Cold Steel Riflemans HawkThis superb tomahawk features a factory-honed cutting edge.
34.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 30.60 GBP
Cold Steel Trail Hawk TomahawkModeled after an early frontier pattern, our Trail Hawk can do it all.
60.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 54.00 GBP
Hultafors Agdor Chopping Axe 1500g 840185Hultafors Agdor Chopping Axe 1500g 840185
56.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 50.40 GBP
Hultafors Agdor Felling Axe 840281Hultafors Agdor Felling Axe 840281
45.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 40.50 GBP
Hultafors Agdor Trekking Axe 840025Hultafors Agdor Trekking Axe 840025
45.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 40.50 GBP
Hultafors Agdor Trekking Axe 840066Hultafors Agdor Trekking Axe 840066
47.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 42.30 GBP
Hultafors Agdor Trekking Axe 840086Hultafors Agdor Trekking Axe 840086
85.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 76.50 GBP
Hultafors Forest/Hunting Axe 840710Hultafors Forest/Hunting Axe
85.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 76.50 GBP
Hultafors Mini Hatchet 840760Hultafors Mini Hatchet
52.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 46.80 GBP
Hultafors Small Splitting Axe 840581Splitting axe made from blasted and clear-lacquered ironwork. The axe is best suited to basic splitting of 'fireplace wood'. The shaft is curved and made from hickory.
84.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 75.60 GBP
Hultafors Splitting Axe 840592Hultafors Splitting Axe 840592
104.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 93.60 GBP
Hultafors Splitting Maul 2500g 840601Our most powerful and heaviest splitting axe, made from blasted and clear-lacquered ironwork. Has a tempered striking face at the back of its head and can therefore also be used as a sledge. The shaft is straight and made from hickory.
66.95 GBP
(-10.00%) 60.26 GBP
Hultafors Trekking Axe 840701Hultafors Trekking Axe
115.00 GBP
Wetterlings American Forest Axe 124This is the special American design for a forestry workers axe
39.95 GBP
Wetterlings Grinding Stone 210Wetterlings Grinding Stone fits your grip
64.95 GBP
Wetterlings Outdoor Axe 118A lightweight axe with a longer handle
74.95 GBP
Wetterlings Wilderness Hatchet 106The Wilderness Hatchet is basically the same axe as the Buddy, but comes with a longer handle.