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16.00 GBP
Swazi Adventure SockThe Swazi® Adventure Sock is a lightweight hiking sock that provides extra comfort and warmth during winter
109.00 GBP
Swazi Ali-GaitersThe SWAZI® Ali-Gaiters® are snug fitting, so you actually cut through the snow
19.50 GBP
Swazi BalaclavaLightweight and warm sums up this little beauty
25.00 GBP
Swazi Cabin SockThe Swazi® Cabin Sock is a luxurious blend of Silk, Possum fur and fine Merino wool
34.00 GBP
Swazi FingerprintsThere's gloves and there's Swazi® gloves
16.95 GBP
Swazi HasbeanieKeep your nut warm and feel good in our environmentally friendly SWAZI® HasBeanie
18.95 GBP
Swazi Hunter SockThe Swazi® Hunter Sock features a full Terry lining for improved comfort and reduced fatigue
18.00 GBP
Swazi Men's Farm SocksWithout a doubt these are the finest farm socks EVER produced!
94.00 GBP
Swazi Stag BagThis ultra light bag is perfect for throwing in your main pack while travelling and pulling out for those day hunts
20.00 GBP
Swazi Women's Farm SockWithout a doubt these are the finest farm socks EVER produced!