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Insulated Jackets - Men

69.95 GBP
Snugpak Elite VestWhen you need to stay warm but you prefer to give your arms more freedom and flexibility of movement, our insulated Elite Vest gives you a stylish layer of warmth.
89.95 GBP
(-40.00%) 53.97 GBP
Snugpak Pile Shirt EliteA Pile Shirt is a convenient piece of performance clothing that you can throw on quickly
139.95 GBP
Snugpak SasquatchIf your next expedition is more demanding in temperature, youll need warm, reliable protection from the penetrating cold and bitter, chill winds. One of the warmest of all our insulated clothing is the Sasquatch jacket which will keep you warm and cosy right down to -10C.
89.95 GBP
Snugpak Sleeka EliteElite Jackets have been equipped with reinforced patches covering all stress points
94.95 GBP
Snugpak Sleeka Elite ReversibleThe Sleeka Elite Reversible is a fully reversible Sleeka Elite jacket with all the same benefits including great Softie insulation, a windproof, water repellent, moisture wicking outer fabric, and reinforced patches covering all stress points: shoulder, elbow and cuff.
104.95 GBP
Snugpak Sleeka ReversibleSnugpak Sleeka Reversible
134.95 GBP
(-40.00%) 80.97 GBP
Snugpak Softie ShirtA softie shirt is a convenient piece of performance clothing that you can throw on quickly. Its designed to be worn next to the skin, to draw perspiration away from your body, but as youd expect from Snugpak, ours comes with thoughtful extras!