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Woolpower Base Layers

For a great all round base layer system Woolpower is best suited for all environments. Based on a Terry loop stitch and 70% Merino wool, it performs well and gives great breathability and moisture wicking, away from the skin. It comes in three weights 200g, 400g and 600g per square meter and has separate leggings and tops, with various configuration of zips, gilets, mitts and balaclavas.

Mike says...
" Woolpower has been a part of my kit for around 12 years now, and its an item I dont leave home without. I generally wear a 200g top while moving around, but have a 400g gilet and 200g leggings in my pack. The advantage of using a high percentage of natural fibres within a garment proves well after long periods, as body odour is kept to a minimum, along with operating around fires. All Woolpower garments wash well around 30 degrees in a washing machine or hand wash. I am still wearing the original 200g top from 12 years ago. "


Woolpower Lite Tee

Woolpower's lightest knit wool Tee.

Mike says...
" Well, good to see Woolpower back in stock in the shop. It has been in the doldrums for the past couple of years with a poor supply chain, but is now sorted out. I have been wearing the Woolpower Lite shorts for the past three years (not constantly, you understand) and they have been great. Recently bought a Tee to give it a go in the mountains and it worked really well, drying quickly and not smelling after three days of hard graft. The Lite will fit nicely with the Woolpower 200g tops I have had for many years. "


Norrona Trollveggen Mens Warm 2 Stretch Pants

Our warmest, most windproof and stretchy fleece tights. Insulating, comfortable and stretchy tights made to bring comfort and warmth to cold climbs. Worn as outerwear, they're excellent for scaling indoor walls or rock climbing in the mild season. Polartec® Power Stretch® panels to ensure best possible fit and comfort.

Mike says...
" Yes, I do look like Nacho Libre in these stretch tights! However, as time goes on and I get a little older, I'm not that bothered what I look like. I generally train in these - they are very warm and comfortable and, best of all, dry quickly. As usual, you get that well thought out and made garment from Norrona. Thankfully for passers by, these long winter nights are when I am found training out on the hill under the cloak of darkness. "


Swazi Micro Pants

A little bit 'Men in Tights' perhaps?  Nonetheless, if you're after a light pair of thermal pants that are great for tramping or wearing around camp, then our Micro Pants can't be beaten.

Mike says...
" I use these pants in my trekking kit especially in winter, really good warm to weight ratio and ultra comfy. "


Swazi Micro Shirt

A high polo-type collar with a light-weight zip allows you to control upper body temperature when things start to get steamy. Weve cut the back extra long, so it wont ride up under your pack. A thumb loop on the sleeve helps keep hands warm on those extra frosty mornings.

Mike says...
" Really comfortable Microfleece shirt for those cooler months. I tend to use this while working in the forest in Autumn and Winter. Good long zip for venting when things get a bit sweaty, wash really well too. "


Swazi Micro Top

It packs down extra small and weighs a mere 160gm. Again, the long cut means it wont ride up while you travel, plus it delivers amazing comfort and warmth.

Mike says...
" The Microtop sits next to the Micro Pants in my trekking kit, really great warmth to weight ratio. "


Swazi Bushmans Tee Zip

Its by far the toughest shirt in its class and weve added a zip pocket to stash all your stashables.

Mike says...
" Great t- shirt for those cooler days out and about, the zip pocket is a real bonus for those essentials. "


Swazi Brocco Shirt

The Swazi Microshirt is one of our biggest sellers - and now thanks to a customers great suggestion it has a new stable mate. The Brocco Micro features a snug fitting hood to cover your ears and keep your noggin from getting a flogging!

Mike says...
" Just a great addition to my Swazi clothing line. Always a big fan of the Micro Shirt which has been made even better with the Brocco. "


Tiley Coolmax Travel Briefs

Tilley Coolmax Travel Briefs wick away moisture from the skin, are cooler to wear, odour resistant and dry fast.

Mike says...
" Our recent trip to Scotland proved these briefs to be a great piece of clothing. Underwear is generally over looked while on extended trips, with a lot of people wearing cotton. A lot of you who read this section know the disadvantages of cotton especially next to skin, add in poorly fitted underwear that could chafe, before you know it your trip becomes miserable. The Tilley briefs were exceptional in all aspects, wicking away moisture, easy to wash and dry. I highly recommend these briefs, but dont get white. "


Norrona Svalbard Mid-Weight Trousers

Wind-resistant, durable and quick-drying hiking pants made of woven polyamide 175.  Lighter than cotton or softshell pants, highly breathable, rain-repellent and durable.

Sally says...
" I find these pants are a great weight all year round, not too light, good length with Velcro waist adjusters. They sit just below the waist on me, which I prefer rather than a low waist. The pockets are really well situated with thigh pockets having zips, the right thigh pocket has a secondary pocket inside ideal for a mobile phone. Very breathable and advertised as rain-repellent, which I didn't believe when looking at the fabric, but they are repellent in short light showers, but nothing heavier. Well positioned articulated knees. "


Norrona Finnskogen Hybrid Pants

Multi-purpose forest technical pants for stalk and chase aerobic hunting. Stretchy hydrophilic membrane on knees and seat provides solid breathable waterproofing. Features multi-pocket solutions, mid-leg double-zip vents and soft microfibre waist lining.

Kev says...
" Bought these for exactly what Norrona pitch them as - a stalking or forest trouser and they are excellent. Really light, durable and silent with plenty of good sized pockets. The waterproof sections are joy, no more wet knees or wet bum when lighting fires, pitching shelters or sitting quiet in the woods. The lace hooks plus Velcro straps keep the trousers clamped to the boot all day, keeping spruce needles and stones out of your socks no matter how much brash you walk through. Colour looks bright in the shop but merges into the woods.. weird!! I'm up to 5 different pairs of Norrona trousers now covering all seasons and uses. "


Snugpak Pile Shirt Elite Smock

Paratex and pile fleece over-the-head shirt, with two detachable hoods and stuff sack.

Mike says...
" I have had something along these lines for many years. I tend to use this garment as a cold weather, static main camp overshirt. I find it bulky for backpacking, but great for just sitting around in. "


Snugpak Sleeka Reversible

Fully reversible version of the Sleeka Original, same great Softie insulation, but with the option of two colourways.

Mike says...
" I have had a Sleeka for as long as I can remember which is now more duct tape than material. So it was time to take the plunge and invest in a new version which has been getting a lot of action in the recent poor weather. A no-nonsense piece of kit. "


Swazi Nahanni

With a windproof torso (front and back), hand warmer pockets and detachable hood, the Nahanni is extremely comfortable and warm.

Mike says...
" The Nahanni is the piece of kit to have in cold, windy dry conditions. It is great for observing wildlife being extremely quiet and with the added advantage of a windproof torso and hand warmer pockets. The zip off hood also means you can use it with the Swazi Tahr XP over the top if the weather comes in wet. "


Swazi The Hood

Made from the same quality 280gsm polar fleece that keeps Swazi gear going decade after decade of hardcore use.

Mike says...
" I really like this fleece, comfortable, warm, good generous fit. Just another garment in my Swazi armoury. Got Tussock, need Olive Green. "


Swazi Tahr XP

Weve taken all the features that made the Tahr a stand-out winner and added new features to create the Tahr XP.  The Tahr XP lifts the bar and sets a totally new level in weather protection for the serious hunter and outdoorsman.

Mike says...
" I have had a Swazi Tahr for many years. I still use the original one, in Gore, that I purchased over 15 years ago and it is still waterproof.  The Tahr XP has raised the bar to what is in essence a nearly perfect outdoor jacket and I love the new pocket system. "


Tasmanian Tiger Maine Anorak

Comfortable hooded pullover and spacious kangaroo pockets made of water-resistant T-TC EPIC fabric

Mike says...
" Although the Bergans Morgedal is a great smock the Maine Anorak is that bit more. Made from EPIC Cotton, so getting that Ventile feel, it has plenty of pockets for gear, is very robust, wind and shower proof and works well around the fire. "


Norrona Trollveggen Dri 3 Jacket

Our most durable, weather protective and waterproof jacket with the dri3 fabric. This jacket has stretchy areas around the shoulders, elbows and on the back for increased flexibility. Large X-open under arm ventilation makes it easy to open and close from both sides. Technical details include drawcord waist, longer cut, storm hood fitted for helmet with internal collar, and asymmetric cuffs for increased protection.

Mike says...
" I wanted a lightweight waterproof jacket for my trekking rigg. Being a massive fan of Norrona for many years, I started to study the form. After much deliberation I plumped for the Trollvegan Dri 3. The reasons for this are two fold:

1) I tend to wear a wind shirt over wool base layers, either the Bergans Microlight Anorak or the Bergans Morgedal Smock. The reason for this is that either theDri 3 or Gore- Tex clothing is expensive, so I only wear it when the weather is really bad, extending the life of my most expensive garment.
2) The fit of the Trollvegan suites me fine, wide in the shoulders, longer in the body and arms. The Trollvegan series is for mountaineers and rock climbers.

As always, I am impressed with the construction of the product, which is the norm for Norrona. The Dri 3 fabric is proving very breathable and waterproof with the added advantage of not being as expensive as the Gore-Tex version. Brilliant. "


Swazi Overpants

Designed with hunters in mind, these brilliant pants are great for the recreational wearer - they're just as at home stalking elusive prey as they are tramping to that next hut.

Mike says...
" Ideal for those wet dark days in December out shooting in our woodland. Not something I would carry on multi day backpacking trips but non the less a bomber pair of overpants. A good tip is to carry a plastic shopping bag with you to place over your boots so your feet and legs slide in the overpants smoothly without damaging the taped seams. "


Nikwax Tech Wash 300ml

Cleans effectively, reviving breathability and water repellency.

Mike says...
" Tech Wash is important to clean all waterproof breathable fabrics when they get dirty. I spend a lot of time outdoors and my outershell gets dirty very quickly. I advise washing garments twice a year ensuring all zips are done up. I place my clothing in a pillow case, tie a knot in it then wash it in the washing machine. "


Nikwax TX Direct Wash In 300ml

Adds Durable Water Repellency and revives breathability - in a washing machine.

Mike says...
" After washing my garments with Tech Wash i reproof with TX Direct. This revives the durable water repellency ( DWR ) and aids in the breathability of the fabric. I use TX Direct at least twice a year. "