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The idea of the Tamarack Moot is to invite like minded people to set camp, practice Bushcraft, hone their outdoor skills and spend some precious time in the outdoors.
The Moot is not a course, but Mike from Tamarack will be on hand to give ideas and advice over the weekend. You can practice knife and fire skills, cooking techniques, refine your camping rig, help out with camp chores or just simply chill out, the choice is yours.
The Tamarack Moots are predominantly held on a Woodland site to maximise the variety of skills to practise and also the amount of camping options.

The whole site offers a really good mix of tree and plant species, along with a truly wild camping experience.

Whether you choose a Tent, Bivi, Hammock you will have no problem finding a perfect pitch.
For those who love the mountains or open fell - look out for the occasional Mountain Moot.

Focusing more on fitness, navigation and trekking the Mountain Camps are usually campsite based in areas such as the beautiful Lake District.
Dates of the next Tamarack Moot can be found to the right of this page.

That is where you will also find all useful information, directions, and how to book a place.

For any other information try the FAQs below, otherwise for all other queries on this event contact the Tamarack Team on 01995 601011 or email at
13th to 15th April 2018
Woodland Location
Maximum Places: 20 people
Minimum Age: 18

Price: 20 per person
Meet at Tamarack Outdoors at 18:00 on the Friday, the Moot will finish at 16:00 on the Sunday.
Water will be provided on-site, each person must provide their own food and snacks for the duration of the weekend.
. . . . .
After meeting at Tamarack Outdoors, we will load our vehicles and equipment and drive 30 minutes to the woodland. From here we will walk 500m from the vehicles into the wood and pitch camp.

The weekend is then yours to practice skills and do your own thing.

At around 16:00 on the Sunday, we will break camp and head back to Tamarack Outdoors.
Q: When I arrive at Tamarack, what happens to my vehicle?
If you have a 4x4 this is an advantage to get within 500 meters of the site. If not, there will be some car sharing to get to site and change over of equipment into other vehicles. If a non 4x4 needs to go to site, the vehicle will be parked in the nearby farmyard which is secure. Some vehicles will remain at Tamarack and parked adjacent to the shop, where there is CCTV in operation and the estate is locked at night.
Q: Do I need to be fit?
You need to be of fair fitness, for example the hardest part of the Woodland Moot is the walk to and from the vehicles. Mountain Moots are by their nature more strenuous but remember the weekend is your own, you can do as much or as little as you want.
Q: What do I need to bring?
You will need food and snacks for the duration of the Moot, stove (gas, wood gas or Ethanol) and cooking pots, tent, tarp or similar shelter, sleeping mat and sleeping bag. Waterproof and warm clothing, hat, gloves, scarf along with walking boots or similar. Toiletries including toilet roll, wash kit and towel. Head torch, note book and pencil, foam mat to sit on, camera, mosquito repellent, binoculars and any spare clothing for when you get back to the car on the Sunday afternoon.

Depending upon the Moot, this equipment may need to fit inside a rucksack or grip, for example you will have to carry all your equipment into the woodland.

All cutting tools you will have to provide.

Q: What if the weather is bad?
Don't worry about this, the Moot goes ahead whatever the weather.
Q: I can't make the Saturday, but can I come on the Sunday?
Sorry, full attendance of the Moot is necessary, even if you have been on another Campout previously.
Q: Can I bring along alcohol?
Alcohol is allowed but only at the end of the day. As soon as you think you need a swig of beer all cutting tools are put away. Please drink responsibly. Any recreational drugs are not allowed on site for the duration of the Moot. Anyone found abusing these rules will be asked to leave.
Q: Can I bring my dog?
Sorry, no dogs or pets allowed on site.
Q: What about first aid and anyone having an accident?
All Tamarack staff are trained and qualified in first aid, with a full comprehensive first aid kit on site. However, to give the feel and authenticity of wild camping, try and take care of yourself.
Q: What about insurance?
Tamarack hold the relevant insurance to carry out this type of activity. However, it would be an advantage to all who attend to have their own travel insurance.
Q: What are the toilet facilities like?
You will have to wash in a bowl or Billy can and go to the toilet in a hole/latrine in the ground, in a discreet area on site which will have been pre-prepared.
Q: How do I get rid of my rubbish?
That's easy, you brought it in, so you take it out.
Q: What happens now that I have booked and paid for the Moot?
After you have booked and paid to attend the Moot you will find most of the information you will need within the FAQ or on this page. Here you will find dates, timings, meeting point, what kit and food provision you need etc.

Q: If I have booked and paid for the Moot and I need to cancel, do I get my money back?
If you need to cancel the Moot at any point you can either turn the fee into a credit note in our store or request a refund at any point. However, a refund or credit note is not available if you don't attend and request a refund after the Moot date.

If you cannot attend prior to the Moot, please let us know as soon as possible as we hold a reserve list on every Moot.
Q: I have booked on the Moot and you have now cancelled it, do I get my money back?
If Tamarack have to cancel the Moot for any reason, you can either turn the fee into a credit note in our store or request a refund.
Q: My two 15 year old sons would like to attend, can they come on their own?
Sorry, Tamarack cannot take responsibility for anyone under the age of 18. They will need to be accompanied by an adult.