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Tamarack Expedition

Come and join the Tamarack team on a three day expedition in the Forest of Bowland. Over the three days we will put into practice all the skills needed of a good outdoorsman.
Friday 22nd June to Sunday 24th June 2018 - Expedition Full

 - Fitness
 - Organisation and Leadership Skills
 - Navigation
 - Safe Use of Cutting Tools
 - Fire Lighting
 - Water Collection and Purification
 - Feeding Yourself
 - Wild Foods
 - Personal Hygiene
 - and many other expedition skills

 - Meet at Tamarack Outdoors at 08:00 on the Friday, the expedition will finish approximately
   15:00 on the Sunday.
 - For directions and a map follow the link to the Our Shop page.

Additional Information
Maximum amount of students: 12
There is a minimum age limit of 15 for this course. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

A full list of recommended equipment for this course can be found on the Expedition Kit List.

Price: £75.00 - the course does not include food. All specialist equipment will be provided.

Brief Itinerary
After meeting at Tamarack Outdoors, we will load up our vehicles and equipment and drive 15 minutes to our start point. We will then walk a designated route (approx 25km) to our woodland camp which will be our base for the two nights. Along the way we will be travelling through woodland and moorland looking at many points of interest along the way. Once at camp we will then get into a routine of cooking, washing ourselves and clothes, along with other camp duties such as firewood collection and digging a latrine.

Saturday will be spent fishing and attaining wild food to supplement our diet. There will be lectures on personal hygiene, nutrition, fire skills and basic first aid.

The final day sees us break camp at first light and travel back to our start point, where the expedition will finish.

Your role within the Expedition
Your role is to be fit, have a good level of navigation skills both day and night, ensure you have the correct equipment, that is well maintained, be able to use a knife and folding saw, light a fire by spark, keep yourself fed, watered and clean.

Our role within the Expedition
Our role is to ensure you are carrying out all of the above in a safe manner. Steering you in the right direction and carrying out lectures to further your skills.

Interested ?

For more information on this event contact the Tamarack Team on 01995 601011 or email at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to be fit ?
You need to be of very good fitness, used to carrying loads of 15kg (35lb) over rough undulating terrain for 8-10 hours every day over 25-30 km distance.

Q: What do I need to bring ?
You will need to carry all the equipment necessary for three days hiking and 2 nights camping. The link below will display a recommended kit list in a printable pop-up window for convenience:


Q: Do I get a discount on any equipment I need for the course ?
Yes, all course participants get a 10% discount on all products purchased at Tamarack for the course.

Q: What if the weather is bad ?
Don't worry about this, the course goes ahead whatever the weather.

Q: I can't make the Friday start, but can I join en route ?
Sorry, full attendance from the start of the expedition is necessary.

Q: What if I can't make the distance, or need to be pulled off the expedition for some reason ?
All attempts will be made by all involved to rectify or push you on to your goal. However, we are aware that this expedition at times can be a little tough, or you may have a compassionate reason to leave. If this is the case, we will place you in the support vehicle and take you back to Tamarack shop, which is the starting point. From here the expedition ends and you have to organise or get yourself home.

Q: Can I bring along alcohol ?
Alcohol and any recreational drugs are not allowed either on site or en route for the duration of the expedition. Anyone found using either, will be removed from the expedition immediately. However, this does not include any student who is on medication.

Q: Can I bring food and cook over the fire ?
No problem with this as long as you are aware that raw food is heavier than dried. Think about food that has long cooking times such as pasta when using either gas or ethanol stoves.

Q: Can I bring my dog ?
Sorry, no dogs or pets allowed.

Q: What about first aid and anyone having an accident ?
All Tamarack staff are trained and qualified in first aid, with a full comprehensive first aid kit on site and a Mountain Leaders first aid kit in each instructors kit. If a student needs to go to hospital we will evacuate either by support vehicle or if serious through other emergency services. Risk assessments and emergency procedures are in place for any eventuality.

Q: What about insurance ?
Tamarack hold the relevant insurance to carry out this type of activity. However, it would be an advantage to all students to have their own travel insurance also.

Q: Is there water on site ?
Water is provided in camp in NATO Jerry cans. All water en route will be from rivers, lakes and streams.

Q: What are the toilet facilities like ?
You will have to wash in a bowl or Billy can and go to the toilet in a discreetly placed hole in the ground on site, which will already have been prepared.

Q: How do I get rid of my rubbish ?
That's easy, you brought it in, so you take it out .

Q: What happens now that I have booked and paid for a course ?
After you have booked and paid to attend one of our courses you will find all the information you will need within the FAQ or the relevant course page you have booked on. Here you will find dates, timings, meeting point, what kit and food provision you need etc.

One Day Courses -
If you have booked on a one day course you will be contacted firstly by telephone one to two weeks prior to the course. If a message has to be left we follow this up with an email. The reason for contacting you is to ensure you are still able to attend and that if you have any further questions or queries regarding the course we can sort this out.

Multiple Day Courses -
If you have booked on a multiple day course you will be contacted firstly by telephone  two months then again one month  prior to the course. If a message has to be left we follow this up with an email. The reason for contacting you is to ensure you are still able to attend and that if you have any further questions or queries regarding the course we can sort this out.


Q: If I have booked and paid for a course and I need to cancel, do I get my money back ?
If you need to cancel a course at any point you can either turn the course fee into a credit note in our store or request a refund at any point. However, a refund or credit note is not available if you don't attend and request a refund after the course date.

If you cannot attend prior to the course, please let us know as soon as possible as we have a reserve list on every course.

Q: I booked on one of your courses and you have now cancelled it, do I get my money back ?
If Tamarack have to cancel a course for any reason, where practicable the course will be rescheduled. However, you can either  turn the course fee into a credit note in our store or request a refund.