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   The Outdoorsman Series Previews

Woodland Camp-Tent, Tarp & Fire
Mike takes a hike into the woods and shows us how to have a safe, comfortable night wild camping, while leaving no trace.

Woodland Camp-Hammock, Tarp & Saw
Mike sets camp with a unique tarp & hammock before showing us how to fell a tree - using a saw he first makes from the woodland.

Woodland Camp-Tarp, Food & Axe
Mike soaks up the Spring weather, in a lean-to tarp with spruce bed & long fire demonstrating Aboriginal cooking and using the axe safely.

Mountain Camp-Lightweight Trek
Mike sets out on foot into the beautiful Cumbrian hills for a multi-night camping trip, showing how to travel safe and light - in Summer & Winter.

   Tamarack Gear Videos

The Helsport Varanger 4-6 Camp & Stove
A full guide to pitching, collapsing and looking after the Helsport Varanger Camp 4-6 and the Helsport Lavvu Stove.

Feurerhand Storm Lantern
A tour round the easy to use and very effective lamp from Feurerhand.

The Helsport Gapahuk / Overseil
The Helsport Gapahuk/Overseil pitched as a lean-to shelter.

Solo Stove & Solo Stove Pot 900
The Solo Stove working nicely with the Solo Stove 900 Pot.

Agawa Canyon Folding Bowsaw
An overview of the Agawa Canyon Boreal 21 Folding Bowsaw.

Norrona Finnskogen Hybrid Trousers
All the main features of these hunting & trekking trousers from Norrona.

   Tamarack Course Videos

Tamarack Navigation Course
Overview of the Tamarack Outdoors Navigation Course.

Tamarack Bushcraft Course
Overview of the Tamarack Outdoors Bushcraft Course.

Tamarack Expedition
Overview of the Tamarack Expedition.

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