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Granite Gear Blaze AC 60 Backpack
Granite Gear has been building packs specific to the needs of long distance hikers since 2003, when we introduced the award winning Vapor Trail and Nimbus Ozone - winning Backpackerís coveted Editorís Choice award, as well as the respect of the long distance hiking community.

Like its predecessors, The Blaze AC 60 is Spartan in its simplicity and features our engineered Air Current suspension. The Air Current suspension consists of a 3-dimensionally moulded alloyed frame, our quickest torso length adjustment system, padded shoulder straps, and a swappable hip belt for a custom fit.

Mike says...
" A beefed up version of the Granite Gear Crown VC. Weighing a little more than the Crown VC the blaze suits my needs on demanding trips especially in the woods. With more padding on the shoulder and hips, wider webbing straps and a more robust back system it will take more punishment and have a slightly higher abrasion value than the Crown VC. In essence, yet again a very thought out and manufactured backpack from Granite Gear. "


Granite Gear Virga 26

If you are seriously committed to going fast and light, this is the pack for you It will carry the essentials comfortably and securely for mile after mile. Since it does not have a framesheet or stays, it also makes a great summit or travel pack, just roll it up and put in a bigger pack or in your luggage until itís needed.

Mike says...
" The Virga 26 is my go-to bag for day walking and wildlife watching. It's practically a mirror image of my trekking pack, the Granite Gear Blaze AC 60, but smaller in capacity. I like the similarities as I can set the Virga the same as my Blaze, with everything still to hand where I like it.

As always, a well thought out and well constructed rucksack from Granite Gear. "


Granite Gear LineLoc Lid
Although lidless is the preferable way to pack for many hikers, others prefer the added space and convenience of a lid either regularly or for extended hikes. Thatís why we planned our new lidless Blaze AC 60 pack to be ready to accept the LineLoc Lid. Features include a massive main compartment with a wide zippered opening, an internal mesh pocket for keeping small items separate, and it converts into a hip-pack.

Mike says...
" The Granite Gear Lineloc Lid is compatible with the Crown V.C 60 backpack. I purchased one of these at the same time as the backpack. It is a real advantage as I carry my stove, fuel, brew kit and other need-to-have-now essentials in it.

It makes the base weight of the Crown V.C 60 a little heavier, but it is worth it for that compartmentalisation I like so much in normal backpacks. Well done Granite Gear. "


Tasmanian Tiger Trooper Pack 7705
Universal military top loading rucksack with 3 pockets.

Mike says...
" A good strong, heavy duty pack for those tough days in the woods. If I don't have time to camp the night but have the day free, the Trooper Pack hauls all my kit into the woodland for a days work. Jetboil, pack lunch and brew kit in one compartment, wet weather gear in another along with my first aid kit in the small compartment.

The main compartment holds tools and the occasional small chainsaw, axe, chisels, drawknife etc. This pack is constructed to last forever. "




Tasmanian Tiger Combat Pack
Universal 22 litre combat backpack with front patch pouches.

Mike says...
" I was looking for a small day pack or EDC ( Every Day Carry ) for those little trips out observing wildlife or maybe a quick overnighter in the woods. I hit upon the Tas Tiger Combat pack. As usual I had been studying the form of the Tas Tiger bags having had a few of them over the years and really liking them.

I can fit a small tarp, survival blanket, all cutting tools, Tamarack Wilderness Stove, first aid kit, a couple of days food, water bottle, billy can, head torch and sharpening kit inside. I like the two small compartments on the front of the pack for those quick to hand items, plenty of webbing on the harness and the colour (I have the OD green one) blends in nicely.

In essence, a cracking little pack for a day out. "




Tasmanian Tiger Raid Pack MkIII

Classic military backpack with the new V2 plus carrying system. It extends its application range and flexibility with a removable hip belt and adjustable back length. 

Mike says...
" This pack is awesome. Itís made really well, with most things in the right place for me and has the V2 harness system which is super comfy when carrying heavy loads. I mainly use this pack while out rifle shooting and it holds all my kit if I wish to stay out for the night. Most of the time I use it with the hip belt removed as my load when shooting if relatively light, this makes it easier to take on and off reducing movement if my target appears suddenly.

As always a bombproof piece of kit from Tas Tiger. "



Ortlieb Rack Pack 49 Litre
The Ortlieb Rack Pack is a  travel bag that is ideal whatever the conditions thanks to its IP4 waterproof rating and IP6 dust rating. Comfort is the name of the game as a breathable carrying system allows air ventilation at the back and the thermo moulded back surface, padded and adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap guarantee a comfortable fit. The Rack Pack is versatile as it can be used either on a short trip to the gym or on a longer trip via train or plane and it offers more than enough space to carry your valuables and small clothing.

Mike says...
" Great piece of kit for travelling and storing valuable kit that is susceptible to water or dust - the best thing is, it has a roll top closure like a dry bag, so no zips to go wrong. Smashing kit. "


Tasmanian Tiger Document Bag

Spacious shoulder bag for laptop, files and documents.

Mike says...
" I have used the Document Bag for ages and only just realised it wasnít on my recommended list !! It's a cracking bag to hold all those office type items and stationary along with a padded laptop compartment. I use mine nearly everyday, both in the office and in the woods, and after 10 years it is still going strong. "


Tasmanian Tiger Bottle Holder 1L

Insulated drinking bottle holder designed for a 1-litre bottle by Nalgene and a Tatonka Handle Mug that fit around it perfectly.

Mike says...
" A really simple MOLLE pouch that fits great on my Granite Gear Blaze hip belt. Occasionally I use it for its intended use, but mainly it works as a video camera pouch when I am out filming and want easy access to the camera. It fits all the spare batteries, Ultrapod 2 tripod and other sundry camera stuff. It also protects the camera a little being insulated. "


Tasmanian Tiger Canteen Pouch

Developed for water bottle and cooking utensils.

Mike says...
" This pouch is great for all those "I need nowĒ items such as a first aid kit, head torch, repair kit, snacks etc. It fits perfect on my Granite Gear Blaze backpack using the MOLLE system on the hip belt.

As usual - a functional, bomb proof piece of kit from Tas Tiger. "


Granite Gear Belt Pack
Granite Gear belt pockets work with our packs and most other packs on the market. These ultralight, foam padded pockets attach to a pack's belt webbing or a hip stabiliser strap, offering you extra room, and convenience for the items you want to have at hand on the trail.

Mike says...
" Great little lightweight pouch that is designed to fit on the Granite packs MOLLE system. I keep those essential items inside, compass, GPS, mosi headnet, suncream, lip salve etc. Good zips and easy to access your kit while wearing the pack. "


Tasmanian Tiger Dump Pouch

Dump pouch for magazines or other utensils.

Mike says...
" This thing is brilliant for those everyday items you want to store quickly while out backpacking etc. I also use mine as a collecting bag for tinder, kindling, wild fruit and nuts. "


Tasmanian Tiger Note Book Pocket

The useful pouch for notes in the field.

Mike says...
" A cracking little note book pouch. I keep all my navigation equipment in it along with a note book and GPS. Everything is to hand and is well organised within the pouch. "