Recommended - Footwear
Woolpower Socks

The sock is of paramount importance while backpacking, as your feet are part of your transport. The Woolpower range are a good sock for medium to long term expeditions, and are constructed the same way as the rest of the garments (see above). They are hard wearing, and give good moisture wicking and insulative value as the garments.

Mike says...
" Another long term piece of kit that I have used over the years. I purchase 10 pairs of knee length 600g socks every 3 years, and remove the old socks from service. I use a three sock system with one on, one spare and one in the wash. Changing my socks every 2 to 3 days and ensuring I wash and powder my feet at the end of every day. "


Lorpen Allround Trekker Socks

Trilayer® sock: 50% Coolmax®, 25% Tencel®, 15% Nylon®, 10% Ea. LYCRA®

Mike says...
" As I now only wear running shoes when out trekking and am not bothered with wet feet in the warmer months, I was looking for a synthetic sock that I could use. The reason for this is a simple one - I work on the process of three when it comes to socks; one on, one drying and one spare. I have done trials from a heavy wool content sock to a purely synthetic one, with the drying time greatly reduced using synthetic. This means I can wash a pair of socks in camp in the evening, put them on the outside of my pack if the following day is dry or put them next to my skin if not, so ensuring a clean dry pair of socks everyday.

Not only this, I find all Lorpen socks comfortable to wear and well made. "


Scarpa Crux Mens Shoe

The ideal approach shoe should be tough, well protected and provide enough support foreasy climbing but comfy enough for the approach walk.  The Crux takes technologies that have been developed inour trekking and climbing range and combining them together to give a hybridthat has all of the characteristics required to be a top approach shoe.

Tony says...
" I have been trying to find a shoe to walk in for a while now as I am finding boots are sometimes heavy, and if possible I want a good compromise. There is much research to indicate that 50g extra on your foot is the equivalent to carrying 500g on your back. As I get older and doing more 2 and 3 days walking trips the weight savings are becoming more important. Working on this principle, the shoe is almost 500g lighter than the Meindl Burma boots I wear - so in theory, 2.5kg less to carry.

The Shoes are a good fit for me as I have quite shallow feet, and a 45 euro size with a medium thick Teko sock was a spot on fit. I decided not to break them in so did a 14 km flatish walk with them fresh out of the box. I followed this with 18km over Helvellyn via Striding Edge, so a stern test to say the least, with a wet  valley  walk of 12km on the next day.

Oh my god, what a difference. The walking seemed easier and lighter, noticeable not lifting the heavy boots every step. The weather was wet for the 3 days (as it always is in the Lakes) but the sticky sole advertised certainly was sticky - I did not slip at anytime on sharp edges, wet rock or wet grass. The sole unit has a flat section at the toes which gives an excellent platform to stand on small rocks jutting out, a real help on Striding Edge. The shoe is not gore tex lined but with the only mesh being under the laces I found the shoes stayed remarkably dry inside without avoiding any shallow puddles or obvious wet areas of the walk. My socks became a little damp on the last valley walk day and the shoes felt a little wet inside when we stopped for a brew. But a quick change of merino socks and the shoes were dry inside again by the bottom of the hill.

To summarise, I am a convert. The shoes performed well in late September weather. I am happy to carry extra dry socks rather than lift heavier boots all day and have resigned the boots to absolute winter, torrential rain or snow. "


Superfeet Green

The Superfeet Green are designed for footwear with removable insoles, and provides maximum support and shock absorption.

Mike says...
" The back end of last year I was training for our Scotland trip, when a pair of Superfeet Green landed on my desk. I decided to give them a go in the lakes for a few days. At first they seemed a little strange under foot, but after a while I found them comfortable. I would not go walking without my Superfeet Greens anywhere. Great piece of kit. "


Helsport Bivvy Boots

Excellent for inside your tent or cabin, water resistant with breathable upper and no slide soles, and insulated with Thermoguard 6000.

Mike says...
" I have just used a pair of the Bivvy boots on a recent camping trip in the Lake District. After a day in the mountains with most of it on crampons it was a joy to come back to camp, wash and powder my feet, put on fresh socks and the Bivvy boots. Within seconds my feet felt like they were glowing with heat, I even for a time wore them in my sleeping bag but found that this was too hot. The Bivvy boots were a great advantage when I needed my 2am pee, which I can never figure out as I never need the toilet at home at this time. "