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water purification before and after

The Aquapure Traveller has revolutionised the way I carry and use water.  At one time, I used to lug around a 3 litre water bladder full to the brim of tap water from home - not anymore.

I now carry around 600ml of water at one time, with the oddexception of 1200ml when I either can't see a usable water source on the map enroute or if it has been exceptionally dry (which it definitely isn't atpresent).

This image shows two Lifeventure 600ml water bottles.  The one on the right is full of peaty, notyet purified stream water fitted with an Aquapure Traveller - the one on theleft showing clear water has just been squeezed through the Aquapure.  As you can see, a marked difference in colour- just showing how effective this water purification system is.

However, clear water is no sign that it is not contaminated withViruses, Cysts, Protozoa and the like along with free chemicals.  The Aquapure Traveller also deals with thesetoo, ensuring clean safe drinking water up to its 350 litre capacity orso.  On long trips I carry a spare filterjust in case of damage, along with a Millbank Bag to remove heavy particlesbefore filtering, which prolongs the life of the filter.

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