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Update from Mike January 2013

The Honeysuckle is in bud and I am sure there were more wildfowl around this
time last year. Still waiting for the cold spell so I can take to the hills for a little snow time,
hope it comes soon.

At some stages while out and about this year I was close to running out of dry gear on
several occasions. On the plus side, it really gives the gear that we sell and use a good
testing in long term rain, sodden ground and wind. Some kit has fallen by the wayside as
usual, as new and interesting gear comes on the market.

One big New Years resolution is to get out filming again. The last time i was out was in
2011, far too long ago to remember, I don't even know now to operate the video camera
anymore. I would like to re film the Helsport Varanger series again, this time in more detail.
I have a list as long as my arm of bits and pieces to film, along with filming some trips that I
have planned from Easter onwards.

I was looking through some old images the other day of places I had been and courses
that I had run, some over eight years ago. See below.

A good show of Boletus mushrooms. I seem to remember that they went into a Duck breast stir fry. Stacks Wood, Littledale, Lancashire.

A small herd of Reindeer coming into feed. Karesuando, Sweden 2006.

PERFECT. Cabin in Karesuando Region, Sweden.

Tony chuffed with the catch, locally called a White Fish.
Muonio River, possibly Finland, maybe Sweden.

Watching the sunset on a -35 degrees Celcius day. In the mountains close to Toulpukka, Sweden.

Snaring Rippa ( Red Grouse ) Karesuando Region, Sweden 2005. The fella on the left is Mike from Tamarack, the other fella is our arctic guru Tony Bernstadt. 

Home made bread, bread board and butter knife. The butter is from Sainsbury's. Lancashire woodland 2006.

After a days paddling, fires lit coffee on Sun going down. Lulea River, directly on the Arctic Circle, Sweden 2007.

Mass cooking for a group of students. The shiney pot in the background is boiling water, the large cast iron pot on the left is Rabbit & Squirrel stew, the small cast iron pot is Apple & Cinnamon crumble and the pot hanging from the tripod is fresh coffee. OH JOY. Note the fire lay and the size of the fire to cook all of this food.

This image doesn't look like anything is out of the ordinary. Mike from Tamarack is showing a student a recent bow he has made from Ash in the fashion of the Hadza from Northern Tanzania. However, the lady has been totally blind since birth and she along with several other partially sighted people carried out a full weekend course, knives and all. A very humbling experience for all the Tamarack staff. Wyresdale Estate, Lancashire 2003.

Mike from Tamarack in a white out heading back to the cabin. Muonio River, Sweden, 2006.

Tony from Tamarack knocking out our favourite meal, Mushers Lunch. Jokkmokk Region, Sweden 2008.

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