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The Maxpedition RollyPoly Extreme Folding Backpack

I find it a great advantage having a small folding backpack in a large fixed camp.  I can leave the main base camp carrying a few items that I will need for the day, leaving others to carry on the daily camp routines of cooking, cleaning, firewood processing,collecting water etc.

In recent years I have been using the Maxpedition RollyPolyExtreme (MRPE), which fits all the essentials I need for a sojourn for the day.

Here you can see the MRPE in its folded state next to a Snowpeak300ml mug.  The pack size is small forwhat the MRPE can take when unfolded.

Here I am returning to camp after a wander, showing the packopened and extended.

This image shows the unloaded contents after my return to camp,from right to left:

1 litre Nalgene water bottle, Lifesystems Mountain Leader first aid kit, GSI Dualist Billy Can containing the Tamarack Wilderness Stove and mug, Gransfors Scandinavian Axe (the only axe to have in coniferous woodland), Bob Dustrude folding saw, a packed Maxpedition Neat Freak (see previous blog)and finally the MRPE folded back down again.

In essence, a great piece of kit - and there is still room for asmall tarp and some food for a quick overnighter.


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