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Riven Greenwood Screen

I had a few loads of wood delivered by a mate, mostly firewood for winter 2013/2014, but there were some nice pieces of Ash in there that I could use, one of the pieces is drying nicely waiting to be turned into a Didjeridoo.

It was such a nice day I decided to work outside, so set my chopping block and shave horse up next to the timber.

I started to peel, rive and shave at the wood and put the screen together, with my work regime being finish a section and fit it to the screen.

Here the top section of a nicely curved piece has been fitted.

The previously made Oak gate has been hung with iron work and a latch will be fitted later.

Working with riven wood is always a challenge, even more so when you are working in the round. To me it is more pleasing to the eye to see all the wavey lines, crooks and bends in the wood, than use a sawn piece of timber.

The screen is nearly complete, keeping the dogs off our little vegetable patch, but allowing plenty of light in.


The screen nearly complete.

The finished screen.
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