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Well, just had a busy weekend at my place. I have been wanting to set up a few things so i can crack on with making some riven Oak gates for various places. I set too on Saturday constructing a riving rig so i can split the Oak as i need.

Riving Rig

The riving rig is made of two 6 foot posts with willow cross pieces, one of these is set at an angle. Using a froe to start the split, the piece of Oak is braced between the two cross pieces and with a bit of knowledge and putting some beef behind it the Oak splits lovely.

The next job was a working block, set at a good height for me so i can remove excess wood on the riven piece with an axebefore it goes to the shave horse.

Working Block

The legs are riven Oak and the block is a piece of Hornbeam. Hornbeam is great for chopping blocks, traditionally used for butchers blocks and cutting boards. This piece of Hornbeam i have had for a few years and was a tough old girl trying to drill 32mmholes in the base for the legs, but we got through.

So, by the end of Saturday i was ready to go and make a gate on the Sunday.

A decent start and things went well. The gate is made from 12 month seasoned English Oak and was a delight to work with both riving, axing and with a draw knife. It took a little thinking about, especially ensuring the tenon joints matched up on the hinge and latch post.

Rustic Riven Oak Gate

But eventually it all came together and i am pleased with the result. I am going to leave the gate in a shaded area for a week or so to dry further, then i will finish it off and hang it in the hole it was made for.

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