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Good Tip For Preventing Frozen Drinking Water

This time of year sees the temperature drop with the added problem of frozen drinking water, especially in hydration bladders. Its always a good idea to carry a water bottle that you can keep between clothing, preventing the water from freezing.

A good piece of kit for this is the 1 litre Source Liquitainer. This is a lightweight, foldable water bottle that even when full packs quite flat. I attach a cord just under the screw cap and place this over my head. The bottle is then worn between clothing, which prevents freezing.

When out for the night in freezing temperatures, place the full Liquitainer in a dry bag, wrap a spare piece of clothing around both and place within your sleeping bag.


Before setting out ensure that the Liquitainer is not damaged or leaks, this also goes for the dry bag.


Do not add anti-freeze to your drinking water.

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