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Exped SIM comfort 10 LW Review

I've just spent a long weekend sleeping on this self inflating mattress, comfort is the name of the game here with 100mm or 4 " of air and foam underneath you. Any hard ground or cold can't be felt through the mat meaning no more sleepless nights.

This is no small packlite roll mat with a pack away length of 700mm and weighing just under 2Kgs this one is for a base camp or campsites with good  vehicular access.

You really do get a very solid air bed on which to sleep on, I've never slept on a mat that is so ridged and comfortable. I found by laying flat on the mat and removing the deflate cap you can push you're finger into the non return valve to adjust the air volume to make it suit your sleeping style.

The new and improved valve system is a pleasure to use, you inflate using one and deflate with the other, both are fitted with non return valves so air only enters or leaves depending on which cap is removed.

I found it very easy to inflate the mat by opening the cap and waiting 10 minutes or so for the mat to self inflate then to top the mat up by adding a few breaths of air. The deflating process works a dream with a good size valve to allow the air to release allowing you to be packed away in minutes.

Overall I'm very pleased with this SIM and I'm looking forward to using it again, I highly recommend it for a base camp mat.


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