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Duluth Northwoods Pack


This is my favourite duluth winter pack. 
I can get everything in it that I need to survive comfortably outside all winter.
Duluth packs are the perfect choce for me because of the kit i use. I sleep on sheep skin rugs, use wool blankets and for shelter a canvas tarp tent.
When the rugs are rolled up they fit perfectly and give the bag a good shape and the tarp tent goes folded closest to my bag putting the weight in the right place then I fold the blankets and they go to the back of the bag also close to my body and make the bag extra comfortable. It all fits in so well with plenty room for other essentials and luxury's. I only like using kit that is 'made to last and duluth packs are just that. I find in almost all cases natural products are superior to synthetic products.
I know these days we are told that the more modern it is the better it must be. However, that is generally not the case. if you are willing to try something different you are likely to be pleasantly surprised.
If you are interested in getting a Duluth Pack my advice is a Timber Cruiser or a Monarch 3 for the summer and a Northwoods or Monarch 4 for winter.

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