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Batter Mix

To cover something in batter and deep fry to a golden brown anything tastes good. Recipe as follows.


1 Cup of plain flour
1 Egg fresh or 2 table spoons of powdered egg
to 1 cup of milk fresh or mix up powdered milk
4 cups of vegetable oil

Place the flour and egg into a bowl or billy can, gradually mix in the milk until a lump free quite runny mix occurs. Get the oil really hot, dip in the batter what you want to fry and place into he hot oil remove when golden brown.
Try prawns, fish, Crayfish, rehydrated dried fruit. Out of this world.
Created On  28 Feb 2012 14:44 in Recipes  -  Permalink


where is the picture?
thanks for share your recipes
Posted By: ben - 14 Mar 2012 11:31

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