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Autumn Joy

My word I love autumn, everything is on the change or the move. The trees and plants are starting to shut down for the winter, displaying the myriad of browns and golds. The Ash, always the last inleaf and always the last to lose them still sways in the breeze. The  Walnut that i planted two years ago is showing no signs of shutting down, still in full leaf, standing guard to the entrance of our house. 

The Pink Foot Geese arrived around two weeks ago with an estimated 70,000 coming in from the Wash and so too the wonderful Whooper Swans. I wrote last year that they use our chimney as a point of reference to navigate to feeding grounds in the Bay. They are doing the same this year too, a skein flew over yesterday at about 30 feet, 12 in all with there whistling sounds as air is pushed out of there lungs as they fly.

Roe deer are showing themselves too, i have spotted around 15 over the past month, narrowly missing a Doe as she leapt a hedge 20 yards in front of my car and ran down the road before gracefully leaping the hedge on the other side of the road and disappearing into the woods.

Sparrow hawk is still cruising the hedgerows with its silent rigid flight, you can tell when it's around all other bird life shuts up and legs it for cover until the threat is passed. I was working on a riven Oak gate on Sunday and spotted a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker 10 yards away on a Willow, the beautiful black, white and red of the bird was prominent in the winter Sun.

Well we are now officially in winter mode, another season that i enjoy immensely.

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