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A Look at the Contents of Mikes Maxpedition Neat Freak

Here you can see the Neat Freak loaded next to a Snowpeak 300ml double wall mug.

Here is a 360 view of the Neat Freak

Here you can see the contents of the Neat Freak laid out, with the empty Neat Freak on the bottom left of the picture.  Lets look at the contents in more detail.

Here are the cutting tools that are stored in the Neat Freak, from right to left.: 

Bahco folding saw, Alan Wood Tamarack X knife with fire steel, Mini Maglite holster that contains a Frost crook knife, Frost carving knife and sheath, Leatherman Wave and a small sentimental lock knife.

This image shows from right to left, Petzl Myo RXP, Nextorch T6A torch with red filter and green tail cap, spare batteries for both torches.

Here is the cutting tool sharpening and cleaning kit - in the background is a SA80 oil bottle full of gun oil and in front of that is a small Nalgene tub of Autosol for cleaning the tools.  

In the foreground is a Spyderco Double Stuff for sharpening axes and knives, next to this is a Spyderco heart shaped sharpening stone for the crook knife and a Buck Diamond Spike.

This image is of the firelighting section, from right to left: UCO weatherproof matches, Army fire steel, Wenger Fidis petrol lighter, and the ever essential Clipper refillable lighter.

From right to left: 4 Niteize S-Biners - the little carabiners have loads of jobs around camp, 10 metre of 3mm cord and a Midge headnet - yet another item with loads of uses.

This is my repair kit, from right to left: self adhesive tent repair kit for all Helsport outers and inners, Exped ultralight self inflating mat repair kit, universal inflatable repair kit and a sewing kit containing a small vile of needles, a thimble and a spool of Cotton.

Other miscellaneous items held in the Neat Freak are: 

Back row from right to left: a small spool of black and nasty (otherwise known as Duck tape), lighter fluid for gas lighters.  

Middle row from right to left: Rite-in-the-Rain waterproof notepad and HB pencil, a spare Trangia O ring for a Trangia burner, Wilma's Nordic Summer insect and midge repellent, a spool of 0.5mm stainless steel wire for those interesting little jobs on field boundaries, and finally in the foreground some strips of Hammaro paper for lighting a fire or the Tamarack Wilderness Stove.


February 2013

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