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1st August Already

Holy baloney, already into August, must find those crampons and dust them off, have i got enough firewood for the winter, re-proof my wet proof jacket and trousers. I found myself thinking these very thoughts only yesterday, but my mind raced, it's  still mid summer, no need to panic, just chill and go with the meandering flow of the long hot days, the rippling water lapping on the bow of my canoe, the fishing rod probing over the gunwale as i hang a foot in the water.

Then the rain came, my mind raced, must find those crampons, check the firewood pile, re-proof my waterproofs etc.

Well i haven't written a piece for the Blog for over a month, been really busy with people off on holiday and such things. A great trip to Germany with Tony to the Outdoor Show, making a new till area in the shop etc. The woods and hills are a distant memory at present, however, i am not keen on walking and camping in the summer time, too hot and too many stingy, bitey things around, much prefer the Autumn/Winter time. So i don't mind pulling out the stops in Summer to get all those jobs done, keep people happy and free up a load of time later on, when i prefer to be out anyway.

August is panning out to be a busy time too. Heading up to Northhumberland with the God kids and some dear friends on Friday for a week of walking and kite flying. Then off down to the Wilderness Gathering for another week of Bushcrafty stuff and plenty of Didj playing. The chap i bought my Didj off is going to be there to give me some hints and tips, cant wait.

Those of you who read these pages will see that the Big Project 2011 has been taken off the Blog. There is one good reason for this, i have taken on a bigger project for 2012. The project consists of taking on a piece of woodland and managing it for the foreseable future. The woodland in question i am familiar with, having been camping there for several years, there is plenty of work to be done over and above returning the woodland to good heart. Keep an eye out on this Blog for updates and info on this very exciting  project.

Anyhow, that's all for now.

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